Monday, January 27, 2014

Prophetic Art

I recently had an incredible experience. I was asked to come and paint during a prayer session called Heart Sync.  Heart Sync is an inner healing prayer format that is designed to heal the brokenhearted by syncing or reuniting all the parts of your heart back to Jesus. It's really quite fascinating. I was asked to be in another room painting while the heart sync was taking place.  

The first time I did this was on Monday January 13th. During church on Sunday I had a vision of a heart that was pulsating and beating behind the worship leader.  When the preacher stood up and began to preach I saw different colored ribbons flowing out from the heart. They would flow out and and end up inches away from each person in the room. When I asked what the ribbons represented I felt like God was saying they represented the cords of lovingkindness that draw us closer. On Monday morning I knew I would be painting this heart. I grabbed a blank canvas and as I was leaving I looked over and saw a canvas I had previously painted purple and splattered some other colors on. I also grabbed it on my way out.  When I got to the church I was set up in the gym. The Heart Sync was going on upstairs. I pulled out my blank canvas but soon realized I was supposed to paint on the purple one. I began to paint the heart I had seen the day before on the purple canvas.  It was a blast!  When I had finished painting I left the painting in the room and went to lunch. Later I found out that it was exactly what the person having the heart sync had seen while she was in her session. Everything she had seen and experienced was purple.  God is so cool like that.

The next day they asked me to paint again. I arrived at my appointed time and the gym was dark. No one had turned on the lights yet. I was in the hallway on my way to find someone to turn the lights on when four the ladies who were at the Heart Sync training walked in. They asked if I was painting again that day. I told them I was and they asked if they could pray for me. Of course I said yes. As they prayed one woman said that she saw me surrounded by small children. They were swarming around me and interacting as I painted and that the creativity that I was putting out was being taken in by them. I thought that was pretty cool. I didn't know when or how that would ever happen. I'm not around very many small children, especially a crowd of them. As I was setting up a woman came into the gym and asked if I was going to be there that morning painting. I said I was and she said "oh okay". I asked if that was a problem. She told me they had Mother's Day Out that day and were going to have the children play in the gym instead of on the playground because it was cold outside. I said "bring them in!"  In just a few minutes there were about 20 one and two-year-olds in the room. They didn't really pay much attention to me because they were on the other side of the gym but I did get to watch them as they played and interacted together. It was too fun. As they left I thought that wasn't exactly what my new friend had seen but ok. About half an hour later 20 more kids came in that were three and four-year-olds. Now this was a totally different experience. They were very curious about what I was doing. They were all over me. It was so much fun! I was painting a picture of different colored feathers on a blue background. They had so many questions. And so many ideas like where to put what colored feather. They ended up being a very integral part of the painting.  I felt like the painting was portraying creative ideas that Are floating  in the air all around us. All we have to do is reach out and grab them. The lady who was in the Heart Sync during that time was released into creativity!  How cool is that!

That afternoon I painted again. I was messing around with watercolor paper and acrylics when a friend walked by and noticed when I was doing. She gave me a new kind of watercolor canvas to play on. I got it very wet and then took tubes of different colored paint and squirted on the canvas and rubbed it around with the tube first and then with my finger. Then I sprayed it with more water. The last thing I did was lift it up and let it drip. I called it "Heaven's Rain". I had an to meet my husband 4 an appointment so I left the painting sopping wet sitting there. About an hour later I received a text that simply said, "They are freaking out over your painting!!!"  That was exciting. They said they could see all kinds of things in the painting. There were eyes and a lion and a lamb.  I had taken a picture of the painting before I left so I got it out and look at it again. It was true. There were all kinds of things in that painting I hadn't noticed.  And again it perfectly matched the Heart Sync session. Everything the woman had seen in that session was multicolored!

I love how God works. He's mysterious and exciting! There's just no explanation. I am in awe. 


Jenny Sorge said...

Last night I was just talking to my Father (God) about this...asking Him essentially to show me some things about who I am. I grew up in a very dysfunctional/messed up family and so my foundation as a kid was virtually mushy-wet quick sand. I'm 56 and have struggled to get to solid dry land ever sense.

I also love God, as well as being an artist...and backslidden blogger ( I hope to get back to someday...

Blessings to you!

Godzheart said...

Lovely paintings!
I have never been to your kind of church though I have watched them quite a few times on youtube and I see people drawing on the stage as worship goes on, very intriguing!
God Bless Ya!

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