Monday, December 28, 2015

Endings and Beginnings

He Graduated!

She Graduated!
The Wedding!

I feel a blog coming on.  I'd say it's about time.  2015 has been a year for the books in the Gilbert household - mostly for our son, Max.  He began the year engaged, he graduated from college, got married to our dream daughter, we bought a house, they moved in, renovations are being undertaken, she graduated from college and we've done tons of celebrating.  I like it when we celebrate.  It feels good and right to celebrate.

Every year I ask God for a word for the year.  It's a tradition my friend Lynette started me on many years ago.  It's fascinating every year.  My word for 2015 was Perspective.  I have really used it a lot through all the events of 2015.  There were a lot of times I could have become overwhelmed and even over stimulated (which I used to do on a regular basis-it wasn't pretty) - but as those times reared their heads I was able to shift my perspective to see all the good and the gratitude kicked in.  This is how I want to always live my life.  Forever and ever.  Amen. :o)

So now 2015 is closing out and 2016 is rapidly approaching.  About a week ago I realized a word had been knocking around in my head and heart way before I even thought about asking for one.  A few days into this realization I actually realized this may be my word.  So I asked for a word and it was like God said, "Have you been paying attention?!"  HAHA!  I can be so lame sometimes.  And so this word is already kicking me in the butt and saying jump on board!  And I am - jumping on board - and it's only December 28th.  There seems to be a rush with this one.

Then today I got a text from aforementioned friend, Lynette, asking me about words.  She asked if I had one yet for 2016 and told me she didn't.  Then she asked me to get one for her and to make it good.  I told her to consider sharing my word because it seemed like a good one to share.  So we are.  We're sharing a word - my word - our word.  Already I'm getting to use it!

So here it is.  The word for 2016 is Connect.  Isn't that perfect to share with a friend?  I already love this word.  I think I've maybe been feeling a little disconnected as I sit in my house and go about my business.  I'm standoffish about making the first contact with people.  I tend to wait for them to want or need me.  So it stands to reason that if they are like me, we will never connect.  I think I may have to step it up.  Step out.  Get things moving.  We'll see how it goes.  Maybe I'll let the blog world know.  For now...

Happy New Year!  Feel free to connect with me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Candy!!! Its Dina!! and Tiki!! I didn't know I could leave a message....Happy New Year.....Wow, great news about Max...Time is flying by! I don't blog (obviously) we do instagram do YOU HAVE A INSTAGRAM? almost like blogging! you can follow Tiki @tikigirl808 and me @3inparadise I have thought of you and your wonderful posts.....Hope all is well. Tiki 12 (I can't believe it) and life is good! Keep in touch!!!
Dina Willis

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