Wednesday, December 18, 2013

2013 - Write/Right...Right/Write

2013 is coming to a close.  My word for this year was "write/right".  When I first heard it, I heard "write".  In my mind I saw "right".  Isn't that interesting?  As December descended upon us I began to ponder what that had meant for me throughout this year.  I haven't written anything to speak of - just a few blog posts.  I haven't journaled.  In fact, not much went on in my life about writing at all.  Instead I painted.  (Which is a form of communication I suppose.)

I was having a conversation about all this with a friend when it hit me.  This year has been about me NOT having to be "right" on so many levels.  It's been somewhat humbling and certainly more than a little freeing.  Isn't it just like God to turn it all around and make it something completely out of the box I had envisioned it in?

One day while I was doing laundry I had the thought "I don't want to put God in the box of my beliefs".  I don't want to have to be right because, holy cow - what if I'm not?  It could happen.  ;o)  I'll be the first to admit I don't know.  I do know what I believe in my heart but I don't have to convince you I'm right.  You get to have your very own relationship with God anyway you want - or not at all if that's your preference.  God is big and good enough to reach your heart without my yammering.  My truth is simply that - my truth - the revelations that I've been given.  And really?  My truth changes as more is given.  Every day I grow.  It may be something I read, or something I see, or something I experience alone or with a friend.  This change has become my friend - no longer my enemy.  I used to hate change of any kind - but not anymore!  Now I embrace it.  But it has to come to my heart.  I believe we are created with a "knower" - that part of me deep inside that knows, yes, this is true.  Trust me I come across a whole lot of stuff I know is not.  And when I do, I kindly decline the offer to accept that thought and move on.

We've had some conversations with the high school kids we work with that have driven this home.  I thought I was put in this group to lead them into some spiritual place of truth - my truth.  I have come to realize that they carry their own amazing hearts and beliefs and they have done their share of leading me - because I let them.  I opened my heart enough to listen.  Those have been the best of times and the deepest discussions and I have grown.

So here I am writing about right.  I love that.  The word was not a wash.  God is so fun.  I was scheduled to teach our prayer class on January 5th but had to reschedule.  I ended up doing it on December 15th which happened to be the last Sunday we met in 2013.  I talked about Journaling with God.  I think that is hilarious!  I got to tell them about this revelation I've had about my word.  I got to relive some old journal entries that blew my socks off all over again.  It was amazing.  I am so blessed.

So now I get to ask for a new word for 2014.  I think I've already got it.  I'll let you know.